Our favorite families to journey alongside, are the ones that make the investment of friendship. It allows for genuine connections to bleed into moments that I’m so grateful to create for you - to treasure forever and ever. 

My favorite couples to work with are the ones who are more excited about their MARRIAGE than they are about their wedding. We love a bride who loves all of the major and minor details of the day she's dreamed of her whole life, but more than the beauty that she creates for her wedding day, she finds herself most excited to be making a beautiful life-long commitment to the man that God made for her. Colors and cake will surely fade, but the love God has allowed us to have for one another because of how He has loved us, is what makes it all worth it. 

Meet Nicole, Lead Photographer and Designer!

First things first, THANK YOU for stopping by and catching a peek of the KCS website. This is the place we will post all the stories that make us, us and make you, you. I value people allowing us to enter into very intimate moments of their lives, and I want to invite you into our spaces as well. Come hang out with my family over on our blog to get a real sense of who we are! So often you will see places we go, and people we meet, and the things that we love in this life woven through the pages of stories within it. (wholeistichome.com) But this is the place that we tell yours. Read on for more fun facts about what makes me, me.

  • I’m a lover of Jesus, and will continue to treasure the tiny moments of life by enjoying The One who created them.

  • I married up. Tim, my husband, is my teammate, biggest fan, and greatest treasure. We stumble forward everyday, only to be met with grace and reassurance that we cannot do marriage alone. It is literally the best adventure I could have ever dreamed it up to be.

  • I’ve been nicknamed “the giggle box” for majority of my life.

  • I’m obsessed with coffee and even more obsessed with cute coffee mugs. I have way too many.

  • I’m weird and quirky, but also cool and collected.

  • I love TX. Texas Forever (ahem, cue a quote from a favorite show, Friday Night Lights). And also Football in general.

  • Tim and I have a "Home" Playlist that has over 600 songs on it. You can find bands like The Head and The Heart, Jon Bellion, and Kings Kaleidoscope on it.

  • We just welcomed our own little baby bird last November. His name is Elijah and his face is plastered all over the blog and my instagram! Follow me there for a daily dose of cuteness. Who doesn’t love a cute baby in their feed?