What to expect out of your mini session:

A mini session is a very short photo session. A normal photo session we offer includes at least an hour of shooting, an outfit change, multiple locations and 75+ photos to choose from. Minis are all about short times (15-30 min. maximum), a smaller number of edited photos for the clients to choose (5-20), and a lower price in comparison.  


For the Fall/Winter season, I keep this pinterest board. And for the Spring/ Summer I keep this pinterest board to help you when choosing your your outfit. What is on trend this season are Neutrals, Navy, small Plaid, Chambray, Blush, Textures, & Layering. I encourage you to look at the color scheme of your home, and try wearing what you'd want displayed. Always put at least one person in a print, and then pull everyone else's outfits from that print. Mix and match, layer, and do not be afraid to put small prints on multiple people! For real inspiration, see the photos below! PLEASE NOTE: For our Studio Spring Sessions, we have a dress code of whites, light pastels, muted, & soft tones to be in keeping with the studios classic, white theme.

Spring & Summer Winter Outfit Inspo

Fall & Winter Outfit Inspo


After your mini session the current turnaround for the images will be 5-7 days. Unless my schedule is crazy-- I will also post a few sneak peeks on Instagram/Facebook as well, unless you request otherwise.  Your full resolution images can then be downloaded directly to your computer on your online gallery you will also receive 5-7 days after your session. You will then select your favorite 5 photos. If you just cant keep it at 5 and want to purchase more digitals, there will be instructions on how to do that in your gallery delivery e-mail. Feel free to share the gallery with friends and family or on Social Media! The images will be stored in that same gallery for 1 year. This will serve as an online backup, should your computer every crash-- or you lose your copy of the images for any reason. You can always come back to download the images again.


  • For minis with young children, a few tips for making the best of your session:

  • If your child normally "requires" a nap, try to make sure they get a nap that day. I understand with schedules, etc. this doesn't always happen, but it can be a big help.

  • If you are traveling to me from out of town, bring snacks, toys and things to keep them happy. I've had clients travel 3-5+ hours for mini sessions. Traveling can be exhausting for little ones, so we want to make it as easy on them (AND you) as possible.

  • If your child is shy or reserved, bring a favorite toy, blanket, etc. We may not take this out right away-- since it can mean that, that your child is going to require that item to be in the session from that point on ;) but it's nice to have it if we NEED it.

  • Since mini sessions are just that.. "mini" and we have a short window of opportunity to get the images, it's always a good idea to talk to your child before hand. Get them excited about whatever we are going to be doing. If they are naturally shy or timid or you know that they require some time to "open up" before their session, you are welcome to come a little early to walk around and get to know the surroundings. I just always ask that clients be courteous to the session going on at that time, and keep your distance so as not to distract the child or children in the previous session.

  • Try not to stress-- if you stress, your child will pick up on it and THEY will stress. A lot of times I like to capture the kids, being kids during theses sessions. If I need your child to look at me-- I'll ask them to, play with them, etc. If your child is being adventurous, I'm going to go with it. If I'm in the process of getting your child's attention and they start doing something else entirely-- it may be something that I want to capture in that moment. If I need any assistance in getting their attention, making them smile, etc. I won't hesitate to let you know. But please don't stress about kids being kids. :)

  • And lastly-- if you KNOW that your child is going to need a little extra "persuasion," rewards for good behavior are not a bad idea. This doesn't always ave to be a toy or candy. This can be a special trip to their favorite place, a play date with a friend, etc.